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This is an example of how FooEvents can be used to capture RSVPs for an event where there are only 100 spaces available. This same configuration can be used for most other types of free events as well as pre-bookings and waitlists for paid events (i.e. before tickets are purchased).

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A famous director will start shooting a new movie called “Cowboys of Penzance” on August 01, 2023.

The number of extras is limited to 1,000 so hurry and reserve your place today and we will be in touch!

Movie Plot:
In the early 1930s, Lewis Tater (Jeff Bridges) is a young Iowa farmer who has great ambition to be a Western fiction writer like his idol Zane Grey. Although Lewis registers for a correspondence course offered by the University of Titan in Nevada, he decides he will benefit more by studying on campus, where he can experience the “real West.” After leaving his parents’ farm, he takes a train to Titan, which turns out to be an isolated whistle stop. The ticket agent tells him that no university exists and that the correspondence school is merely several post office boxes that are checked once a week by two con men. Ignoring the agent’s advice to return home, Lewis gets a ride into town and checks into a hotel that happens to be the con men’s base of operations.


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Event Details

Date: August 01, 2023

Start time: 04:00 p.m. PST

End time: 11:00 p.m. PST

Venue: The Movie Studio

Coordinates: 34.098907, -118.327759

Directions: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Phone: 1.888.888.8888


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