Drive-in Cinema


In this demo, movies are screened every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The ‘Number of People’ option is created using WooCommerce variations and the booking options are created using the FooEvents Bookings extension. A calendar can be embedded on any page using the FooEvents Calendar extension.

This FAQ explains how to setup your event so that clicking a specific slot in the calendar grid automatically selects the correct slots in the date and time drop-down lists when the page reloads.

Number of People

2 Person Car, 3 Person Car, 4 Person Car, 5 Person Car, 6 Person Car


FooEvents Bookings, FooEvents Custom Attendee Fields, FooEvents Calendar, WooCommerce Variations


Show, Bookable, Activity, Venue

Use Cases

Concerts & Shows

Event Details

Venue: Drive-in West Coast, 1 Main Road, Sunningdale, Cape Town, 7441

Coordinates: 40.7828647, -73.9653551

Directions: Drive down the West Coast until you see a hill on the right. Drive up to the hill and keep an eye out for the big screen.

Phone: 012 345 6789


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